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8 Extremely [SIMPLE TIPS] to take care of healthy nails at home

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Taking care of healthy shiny nails at home has never been so easy if you know the following tips.

1. Keep your nails dry and clean
All nail problems are caused by bacteria, so be sure to prevent them from reproducing.
Always clean your nails regularly and dry them after washing them. Should use a small brush, apply a little salt and then gently rub the nail and surrounding skin. This prevents dirt and disease-causing bacteria from accumulating.
Don't let your nails get too long and clean your nail tools regularly.

2. Stop biting your nails
Using your mouth to bite causes a lot of damage to the nails. Nail biting is unsightly, when it comes in contact with saliva, it also makes them weak and brittle.
In addition, putting your fingers in your mouth will easily transfer dirt and bacteria from your fingers to your mouth.

3. Use a moisturizer
Dryness and flaking are also harmful to nails and the skin around them. Nails are very fragile and break easily. Use moisturizer to keep them shiny and healthy.

4. Wear gloves for protection
When doing housework such as washing dishes, or doing laundry, many cleaners contain chemicals that will harm nails when in contact with them.
A simple solution is to wear gloves to protect the skin of your hands and nails. Regularly clean gloves after use, and dry them to ensure no harmful bacteria accumulate.

5. Trim nails regularly
Similar to trimming hair, nails when trimmed regularly also help them stay strong. Use a nail clipper or nail clipper for a neat trim.
Set aside time every few weeks to trim and shape your nails to the desired shape. It is recommended to cut the nail in a straight line, then sharpen the nail tip in a square or round shape.

6. Cuticle care around the nail
The cuticle helps to attach the nail to the skin of the hand, but they are very fragile and easily damaged. Therefore, taking good care of the cuticle is also an important part of healthy nail care.
When scratching the skin near the nail, handle it carefully, and cut gently so as not to cause severe damage that causes inflammation or pain. Do not bite or pick the cuticle.
Make sure to moisturize the cuticles by applying coconut or almond oil and massaging gently.

7. Apply a coat of top coat for protection
Base polish forms a protective layer, preventing nails from discoloring and yellowing.
The use of topcoats also makes nails look beautiful, shiny, and stronger. In particular, if you want to paint, do not ignore the previous coating to protect.

8. Do not manually scrape off the previous layer of paint
Shaving off nail polish is the worst thing we shouldn't do. It causes the nail surface to become rough and patchy. At the same time, lose the top protective layer of the nail.
Instead of vigorously scraping off the paint, you should use a towel or nail polish remover.

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